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Allow me to formally introduce myself and say hello;

My name is Vanessa Todd, the gal you'll find behind the camera. I am currently based out of sunny Southern California, but love to travel beyond the Grapevine or state lines whenever I can find the chance. Someone told me I lived like Stephen Zweig, always having one bag packed in the next room over, ready to take on the next adventure, place, or opportunity. In addition to traveling I also I love to take photographs - since you're here, you probably knew that, so allow me tell you some things you may not already know.

One, I married my high school sweetheart who just so happens to be the world's best breakfast maker. Two, I am a proud dog mom of two, Mila and Nova, two Australian Shepherds. To this day I still believe they will be the best things I will have ever found on Craigslist. Three, I attended eight colleges, and yes, I know that is not normal (this probably had something to do with the traveler in me). The heart wants what the heart wants, and I would not trade those experiences for the world. Four, I have been to more countries than I can count with all my fingers and toes together, and I am on a mission to stamp every page in my passport book before it expires! 

I am an artist and a nostalgic. I think those two things together are what made me fall in love with photography to begin with. I love how others express themselves creatively through their love stories, weddings, or special events, and how I am able to interpret that creativity in order to create a lasting memory. 


On another note;

I love photographing the raw love between two people- not those overly posed moments that all tend to look the same, but the moments between shots and narrative moments when you are looking at the one you love. Nothing makes my heart go pitter-patter so much than seeing the way two people light up around one another. 

I love to photograph the unconventional bride and groom - the ones who forwent wearing nice shoes so they might hike to a stellar location to exchange their vows with the best view; who woke up at four to make it in time for the five o'clock sunrise; who crave an experience and a wild adventure over a precisely planned space; who believe train yards and canyon ravines are just as beautiful as ballrooms; and who embrace getting weird, trying new things, and kissing their love in front of me about 300 times. 

As a photographer, I am there to not only record the greatest day of your life, but also to share that joy you will be feeling on your special day, in addition to helping make sure it runs as smoothly as possible. I have a special talent for fluffing trains and tying bowties. I will also probably cry during your wedding vows.

Annie and Luca Cliffs of Vik Iceland Honeymoon Session
Ryan and Christina Wedding Orange Vintage Car Bridals