Adam + Sophie


Wedding | Arlington, WA

It’s not every day you get to shoot a real life Disney Princess, but photographing Adam and Sophie’s beautiful barn style wedding in the countryside of Arlington, WA was as close as you can get! The smell of cedar lingered as the picture perfect two story red barn was transformed into a wedding fit for a fairytale. This October wedding was blanketed in the perfect overcast skies as the leaves started their transition into Fall, their rusty colors adding to the beauty of the day.

Although every marriage celebration is full of special touches, Adam and Sophie went above and beyond to fill the day that represented their new life together with precious tokens honoring their past. Our stunning bride paired her Michael Kors shoes and lace gown with a special heirloom gold pendant, while the groom donned a rose gold watch in remembrance of his mother who had just passed away. During the reception Adam danced with his new wife during the mother/son dance and there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd, including mine.

There were several fun touches to the evening as the groom decided to toss the garter on a football but forgot to warn his bride ahead of time, nearly causing a collision! Luckily she was able to dive out of the way just in time, but I’m sure she’ll be teasing him about that one for years to come. The dessert bar was a sweet highlight as the guests each contributed family recipes to create a meaningful table of treats! And of course, our gorgeous red-headed bride walked down the aisle to The Little Mermaid which couldn’t have fit her more perfectly! It truly was a wedding fit for a princess.

Vanessa Todd