Allie + Matt: Lupine Super-bloom for the Start of Spring


Springtime Florals that Remind You of Icelandic Summers

Somewhere hidden in the hillsides of California is a tiny slice of heaven that reminds me of Icelandic summers. There are fields of blossoming lupines stretching as far as the eye can see and rolling hills promising soft patches of vibrant grass. These California Super-blooms have taken over countless canyons and trails, leaving tiny pockets of purple and yellow hued springtime dreaminess in their wake.

Allie and Matt danced between the enchanted swaying purple clusters, looking as though they floated right out from between the hidden pages of a fairytale just so I could take their pictures! This engagement session was full of the promise of spring, soft touches, and kisses whose sweetness lingered long after the golden sun had cast its final glorious rays.

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