Haley + Johnny: Avila Beach Bridals with Winged Veils and Cotton-Candy Skies


Peonies, Sunsets, Veils as Wings, and the Peak of Summer

Although I love all the weddings I get to capture, this one was extra precious because the sweet bride is my cousin! When I married Nick, I gained a whole new family of people to love, and Haley is one of them! She is now one of my very favorite humans who exudes joy and radiates life in every way! She has all the best jokes and an infectious laugh. Just being around her is enough to make anyone smile! She adores animals and, like a Disney Princess, always seems to have one or two around that she’s loving on. She is humble, sincere, and thoughtful and her story is a beautiful one indeed. Haley is one of the strongest people I know and I count it a great privilege to be called cousin and friend by such a special woman.

Haley is a diamond. She is a gem. She is one of the best people you could ever meet. And if anyone is good enough for this wonderful lady, it’s her now husband Johnny!

Haley and Johnny loved each other for eight long years before finally tying the knot! Haley summed it up best in her speech when she recounted an English paper Johnny had written in high school about his life in five years: “If Haley is not the most important thing in my life, then I have failed.” He continued that he could be denied schools, jobs, and money, but he would know he succeeded when Haley met him at the end of the aisle.

I cried ALL the ugly tears.

Their wedding at See Canyon Fruit Ranch was absolutely stunning and I had the immense privilege of attending as a guest! I got to watch the magical day unfold from vows to dance floor and enjoy every moment in celebration! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture a few precious shots though so immediately following the wedding the three of us snuck away for some bridals.

We headed to Avila beach as the sun was beginning to set over the Central Coast mountains and where the stunning cotton candy sunset was the perfect backdrop for a new husband and wife to soak in the preciousness of the moment! We chased the setting sun up the cliffside and walked along the ridgelines, letting the last few rays of light bathe the bride and groom in an angelic glow. I was absolutely captivated by Haley’s winged veil that cascaded from her shoulders. Her dress, Riley Luxe, by Made With Love, courtesy of Moondance Bridal, was as stunning as she was! That plunging neckline revealing the strength of a woman who has fought some intense medical battles and come out the other side filled with beauty, dignity, grace, and life.