Kailyn + Eric: Central Valley Sweethearts


A Love Tree in an Empty Lot, an Orange Sunset Pouring Over Green Grasses, and Tower Twinkle Lights with Roadside Twirls

Photographer and Videographer team Kailyn and Eric captured my heart from the first time we spoke! In search of a photographer to give them a look that felt both reverent and significant they landed on me and I couldn’t be happier that they did! This kind, compassionate, adventurous couple were from my hometown, though somehow we’d never crossed paths! Heading back home to capture their sweet, forever love was a dream!

We spent the afternoon hopping around our tiny hometown, stopping at each significant location to capture a memory or two. First stop was what I’m calling the Love Tree: the tree where this husband and wife to be had their first date and first kiss! Settled on its steady branches with beautiful greenery all around, Kailyn and Eric wrapped themselves in each others arms, looking like each found their home in the other. Moments later this sweet couple let out their playful side as they ran and twirled hand in hand before laying in a bed of grass nose to nose. Kailyn’s smiles were infectious as Eric pressed his lips against her cheek.

Next came Millerton Lake where the stunning shades of the sunset and vibrant colors of the grass paled in comparison to the way Kailyn looked at Eric as he played guitar against the rolling hills. The couple wandered through the long swaying grass, exchanging soft touches and sweet smiles as I swooned behind the camera. In the photos you can catch the exact moment they went from pointing and admiring the sunset to pointing and laughing at me when I quoted their favorite movie. We have bonded for life now.

Finally we headed to Tower District in Downtown Fresno where a twirling polka dot dress set the lighthearted tone for a mom and pop cafe, Roger Rockas Theatre, dancing in the street kind of evening. Although I hated saying goodbye to this sweetest of couples, I can’t wait to reconnect with them soon to capture their Morro Bay wedding this December, which just so happens to be one of my very favorite places in the United States!

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