Kiana + Adam: Windy Kisses at Point Mugu


Windy Weather and Tangled Hair Kisses: Couple’s Photos with a Pup at Point Mugu in Malibu

The day after the rain stopped pouring, the wind started blowing. What should’ve been the normal Los Angeles 70 degrees, felt like a brisk 50 in February with the windy weather that blew through the air on that sunny afternoon. Embracing all the natural elements, Kiana and Adam ran through the sand, tangled up in each others arms, and literally climbed to new heights overlooking the beautiful view at Point Mugu. The sun rays that shown like iridescent light through Kiana’s chiffon dress were so beautiful as the sun was starting to set. I loved every moment with the two of them at the beach, and I especially loved getting to meet their pup, Nala, who sat in for a few photos as well!

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