Lauren + Andrew


Wedding | Pasadena, CA

Inspired by tropical florals and eucalyptus, Lauren and Andrew had a vibrant wedding at the Thursday Club in Pasadena, CA. This sweet ceremony was a fun blend of tradition and personality, exemplified by the bride’s classic white lace dress paired with her bright purple heels! The neutral whites, beiges, and greens provided the perfect backdrop for the pops of color in the gorgeous flowers, rainbow of bridesmaid dresses, and cake layered in a kaleidoscope of bright pinks, reds, and yellows. The solemn sweetness of the candle lighting ceremony was in perfect contrast with the vivacious fun of the money dance. This wedding day was full of sweet moments, from the guys whiskey toast to the laughter and love in the father-daughter dance. May Lauren and Andrew approach their life together with the sweet sense of fun they used to plan such a special day.

Vanessa Todd