Rosi, Ella, and Ruby: Momma, Babies and Motherhood


There’s something precious about motherhood. The love a mama has for her little ones is impossible to explain, but that’s what makes it so much fun to capture! There may not be words for the sweet bond between mother and daughter, but the look in Rosi’s eyes as she nuzzles those soft baby cheeks says it all. 

Swaying green grass, bright happy giggles, and bursts of yellows blossoms were the perfect backdrop for this oh so sweet mommy and me session. With a daughter in each arm as the sun peeks around her shoulders, Rosi embodies both the beauty and strength required of moms everywhere. It was such a joy to spend an afternoon capturing the love between sisters and their sweet mama, playing in the grass and making time for lots of snuggles! May these pictures serve as a treasured reminder of the love between mothers and daughters, and a sweet memory of this precious moment in time for Rosi and her lovely girls!