Sara + Kalen: Black on Black in Joshua Tree National Park Desert


A Black Silk Gown and a Levis Jacket Set Against the Neutral Palette of Joshua Tree National Park

”I am a photographer who hates getting my own picture taken, but meeting (and low-key falling in love with) Vanessa inspired me to put my insecurities aside & get professional photos done for the first time. My boyfriend and I had been nervous and apprehensive about having a photo session, but we really wanted to capture this time in our lives. Working with Vanessa was such a refreshing surprise, as she made the process so easy, low-pressure, and actually FUN! She helped me and my boyfriend feel incredibly comfortable in front of the camera, gave us prompts that somehow made us look majestic & effortless together, and provided us with images I will cherish forever. Vanessa is friendly, deeply caring, and professional through and through. I can't recommend her highly enough.”

- Sara

I first met Sara in Arizona and immediately thought she was the bees knees. Then I got to meet her man, Kalen, and was also not disappointed. The two of them are the most easygoing and friendly people you’d ever encounter and I am so SO SO glad I can say our paths crossed.

Windy kisses, messy hair, and all black against the neutral landscape of Joshua Tree. We set out to Joshua Tree National Park, armed with beer and black Levis denim jackets. Sara and I watched as Kalen scaled the Jumbo Rocks to ridiculous heights and it was so fun to chase the sunset around the corner and through the Joshua Trees of the park.

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