Taylor + Vincent: Tender Moments on a Rainy Rooftop


Clear Umbrellas, Tangled Wet Hair, Sweet Intimate Moments, and a Lotta Lattes

Taylor and I had a Downtown Fresno session planned for nearly a month, and then as the days crept closer and we knew for sure the forecast was going to mean rain, she didn’t hesitate for even a second! The two of them embraced the rainstorm and we had all the more fun because of it! Our rooftop session in Downtown Fresno was full of tangled wet hair, close embraces under umbrellas, and tender moments that spoke volumes in the noise of the rain. Who knew a clear umbrella could look so dang good?

To dry off and warm up after being soaked to our socks, Taylor and Vincent took me back to Collect Coffee, a cutie little coffee shop where Vince works, where the two of them had a latte art throw-down, which basically consisting of them showing off their mad barista skills while I got to drink my way through their signature coffee menu. AND THEY MIGHT BE MY NEW FAVORITE PEOPLE BECAUSE OF IT. Taylor and Vincent, I love you lots, and will gladly visit you at Collect Coffee any day.