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Jasmine + Wesley

Engagement Session | Down Town Los Angeles

Looking forward to a Joshua Tree wedding in October, Jasmine and Wesley wanted to highlight a different kind of beauty for their engagement shoot. They chose Downtown Los Angeles for its urban backdrop as well as the Dorothy Chandler Music Hall Pavilion - a special place for Jasmine. The two laughed, played, and twirled their way through Grand Park, all the way to the Walt Disney Music Hall! All girls love a twirling skirt, but Jasmine especially looked like a princess as her husband-to-be spun her around the city in that gorgeous red dress (Nobody has ever embodied the salsa dancer emoji quite as well as Jasmine did!).

To really capture the essence of the Downtown Los Angeles atmosphere, the three of us dashed through the streets looking for the perfect median between freeway entrances and stop lights for that coveted center of the road spot! These photos ended up being some of my favorites because each comes with a sweet memory of the fun we had taking them. I can’t wait to capture Jasmine twirling through the desert this fall in her wedding gown, and seeing where Wesley leads her next! 

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