Vanessa Todd


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Zachary and Chelsea | Engagement Shoot | Vasquez Rocks, CA

"Vanessa is both an incredible photographer and an magnificent person. She was extremely confident and thoughtful throughout the shoot. She knew exactly where to go, but at the same time was willing to stop and move to anything we thought would be fun. The end product is nearly an example of the extraordinary talent this woman has, and it's value is priceless."

-Zachary Schmidt

Zachary and Chelsea were looking for engagement pictures that highlighted a natural, scenic beauty to contrast their upcoming storybook wedding. Vasquez Rocks provided just that and more for this adventurous duo who were willing to move mountains with me, almost literally, to get the perfect shot. We had fun climbing the rocks, hiking through the nearby valley and scaling the adjacent mountain in search of that perfect moment for golden hour. This sweet couple was more than willing to chase the sunset with me as the sky turned from pink to blue, capturing this special moment of their love story. The crazy Vasquez wind had me worrying they might blow right off the edge but they fearlessly carried on hand in hand, facing these little challenges the same way they’ll soon face the rest of their lives: together.

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